About us

"TTLAB" is one of the leading TYPO3-studios in Russia. We work with TYPO3 since 2003 and have made more then 500 projects of TYPO3 integration and support.

Legal person: TTLAB LTD
Address: 34, building 5, Shabolovka street,
Moscow, Russia, 115419
Email: studio@ttlab.ru
Phone: +7 (495) 210-05-81

Valery Romanchev 
Email: romanchev@ttlab.ru
Telegram: @ttlab
Skype: typo3lab


"TTLAB" has more then 130 customers worldwide. Among our international customers are German and Swiss TYPO3 studios, which decide to outsource TYPO3-job to Russia, companies, not-for-profit organizations and individuals from Finland, Switzerland, USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Panama, Italy. We also has many customers here in Russia.