TYPO3 upgrade to version 9.5, 10.4, 11.5 or 12.4

There are many websites on TYPO3 versions 4.x and 6.x, which for many years successfully perform their tasks.

We recommend upgrading TYPO3 from older versions to versions 9.5, 10.4, 11.5 or 12.4 for several reasons:

  • In the administrative interface of old versions of TYPO3 in modern versions of browsers, some functions of the pages tree and the rich text editor do not work in some situations. It's not surprising, it's been 5-10 years now and the versions of browsers and JavaScript libraries have changed many times. You can correct the situation only by upgrading the TYPO3 Core.
  • On old websites, as a rule, there are several extensions for which security updates are issued. Although we have not encountered a situation of hacking websites through holes in extensions security, such an update will not be superfluous.
  • TYPO3 now runs on PHP 7 and, due to this, works much faster than older versions.
  • Administrative interface or modern TYPO3 versions is made taking into account modern trends in interface design and it is more convenient to for editor.
  • If there are significant changes on the site, such as updating the design, creating new sections or new functionality, making these changes will be easier in modern versions of TYPO3.

How is TYPO3 updated?

  1. We create a copy of the site on our server or hosting the customer.
  2. We create an upgrade plan, find out the situation with all extensions. In some cases, you need to migrate data from one extension to another, more up-to-date, or upgrade the extension before upgrading the TYPO3 Core.
  3. We perform the procedure of updating the TYPO3 Core with the Install Tool. The update is performed sequentially, for example 4.5 -> 6.2 -> 7.6 -> 8.7 -> 9.5 -> 10.4 -> 11.5. -> 12.4. In some cases, you need to check the work of extensions after the update steps.
  4. We are updating the extensions. If there is no extension of the version compatible with the current versions of TYPO3, we select a replacement for the extension or conduct its adaptation to work on the current version.
  5. We make the settings to save the correct display of the content. Changes are made to TypoScript and style files.
  6. We make the testing, if necessary, add manually updated content on the current site.
  7. We transfer the site to the current hosting.

The upgrade procedure for a typical corporate website typically requires 10 - 20 hours of work.
The cost of work is 300 - 600 Euro.